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December Book, Blessings & Mediation Recommendations

The most successful people in each industry will talk of the power of reading. That's why we dedicate time everyday to reading. As a team we also watch and listen to material that raises our vibrations.

"Your Income will seldom exceed your personal development!" ~ Jim Rohn

The reason why we recommend books is because there is material within the books that will make it easier for you to participate in the workshop part.

HOWEVER, we know that some of you prefer Audio Versions, so we've included the ones with bonuses!!!

Anthony Robbins is one of the greatest inspirations to us here at RSY partly because the real development began in 2010 with Tony's Awaken The Giant Within.

A recent exploration of teachings come from one of our members who has been exploring Dr Master Sha. Here are a books that the team have been reading and have nominated this month.

Master healers are rare. Dr Master Sha Co-wrote a book with the infamous Adam Markel and if you want to activate your unlimited abundance, this is the ONE!

Master Sha is the most inspirational healer and teacher available in North America today. He is introducing the world to the soul.C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD Founder, American Holistic Medical Association.

In his books, Dr Master Sha has power Calligraphy which enables healing to take place. You trace it with your hands and it has highly powerful healing benefits


Dr Master Sha also offers audio blessings and mediation music and we have collected all that we know would be of interest to you all. We highly recommend Divine Soul Song for all round healings! When choosing which is best for you, go with whichever you're attracted to!


Abraham Hicks is one of our favourite meditations to follow. Here is one for general Well-being!

For the ladies who wish to awaken their inner Goddess, we HIGHLY recommend Vanya Silverten and her Awaken the goddess within courses and meditations. WARNING: They will blow your mind, they are that incredible.

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