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Understanding Symptoms from a Spiritual Perspective...

So by now we have probably established that I like to use what is available naturally, rather than pharmaceutical produce. So when looking for remedies I look for holistic and homeopathic remedies. But before I begin making my concoctions, I use a few different references to get me on the way... I believe the only place we can receive a cure is where our beliefs lay, NOT where someone tells you..

My first is: Louise Hay's You Can heal Your Life

Below is the symptom list from the book, which gives simple and to the point explanations. I highly recommend buying the book, so that you can understand the full context of what Louise is talking about. Just an FYI: there may be some occasions where you read something and disagree (I know, because I felt that way on the odd occasion)... HOWEVER, if you surrender and are really truthful to yourself, you'll find that it's VERY ACCURATE.

My Second is: Vianna Stibal's : Disease & Disorder Book (AKA - My Bible)

To learn more about this outstanding Healing Modality Check out this brief video or read the blog

I will soon release my personal concoction list for different remedies.

Thank you for reading as always, stay connected and subscribe so you never miss a blog!

Symptoms list:

A Abdominal Cramps: Fear. Stopping the process. Abscess: Fermenting thoughts over hurts, slights and revenge. Accidents: Inability to speak up for the self. Rebellion against authority. Belief in violence. Aches: Longing for love. Longing to be held. Acne: Not accepting the self. Dislike of the self. Addictions: Running from the self. Fear. Not knowing how to love self. Adrenal Problems: Defeatism. No longer caring for the self. Anxiety. Alcoholism: Feeling of futility, guilt, inadequacy. Self-rejection. Allergies: Denying your own power. Alzheimer’s Disease: Refusal to deal with the world as it is. Hopelessness and helplessness. Anger. Amenorrhea: Not wanting to be a woman. Dislike of the self. Anemia: “Yes-but” attitude. Lack of joy. Fear of life. Not feeling good enough. Ankle: Inflexibility and guilt. Ankles represent the ability to receive pleasure. Anorexia: Denying the self life. Extreme fear, self-hatred and rejection. Anxiety: Not trusting the flow and the process of life. Apathy: Resistance to feeling. Deadening of the self. Fear. Appetite, Excessive: Fear. Needing protection. Judging the emotions. Arm: Represents the capacity and ability to hold the experiences of life. Arteries: Carry the joy of life. Arthritic Fingers: A desire to punish. Blame. Feeling victimized. Arthritis: Feeling unloved. Criticism, resentment. – Rheumatoid Arthritis: Feeling victimized. Lack of love. Chronic bitterness. Resentment. Deep criticism of authority. Feeling very put upon. Asthma: Smother love. Inability to breathe for one’s self. Feeling stifled. Suppressed crying. Athlete’s Foot: Frustration at not being accepted. Inability to move forward with ease. B Back Issues: Represents the support of life. Back Problems: – Rounded shoulders: Carrying the burdens of life. Helpless and hopeless. – Lower Back Pain: Fear of money or lack of financial support. – Mid-Back Pain: Guilt. Stuck in all that stuff back there. “Get off my back!” – Upper Back Pain: Lack of emotional support. Feeling unloved. Holding back love. – Back Curvature: The inability to flow with the support of life. Fear and trying to hold on to old ideas. Not trusting life. Lack of integrity. No courage of convictions. Bad Breath: Anger and revenge thoughts. Experiences backing up. Balance, Loss of: Scattered thinking. Not centered. Baldness: Fear. Tension. Trying to control everything. Bedwetting: Fear of parent, usually the father. Belching: Fear. Gulping life too quickly. Bell’s Palsy: Extreme control over anger. Unwillingness to express feelings. Bladder Problems: Anxiety. Holding on to old ideas. Fear of letting go. Being “pissed off”. Bleeding: Joy running out. Anger. Blisters: Resistance. Lack of emotional protection. Blood Pressure: – High: Longstanding emotional problem not solved. – Low: Lack of love as a child. Defeatism. Body Odor: Fear. Dislike of the self. Fear of others. Bones: Represent the structure of the universe. – Bone marrow: Represents deepest beliefs about the self. How you support and care for yourself. – Breaks: Rebelling against authority. Brain: Represents the computer, the switchboard. – Tumor: Incorrect computerized beliefs. Stubborn. Refusing to change old patterns. Breast: Represents mothering and nurturing and nourishment. – Cysts, Lumps: A refusal to nourish the self. Putting everyone else first. Over mothering. Overprotection. Overbearing attitudes. Breath: Represents the ability to take in life. – Breathing Problems: Fear. Not trusting the process of life. Getting stuck in childhood. Fear of taking in life fully. – Bronchitis: Inflamed family environment. Arguments and yelling. Bruises: The little bumps in life. Self-punishment. Bulimia: Hopeless terror. A frantic stuffing and purging of self-hatred. Burns: Anger. Burning up. Incensed. Bursitis: Repressed anger. Wanting to hit someone. C Calluses: Hardened concepts and ideas. Fear solidified. Cancer: Deep hurt. Longstanding resentment. Deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatreds. Candida: Feeling very scattered. Lots of frustration and anger. Demanding and untrusting in relationships. Great takers. Canker Sores: Festering words held back by the lips. Blame. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Anger and frustration at life’s seeming injustices. Cataracts: Inability to see ahead with joy. Dark future. Cellulite: Stored anger and self-punishment. Cerebral Palsy: A need to unite the family in an action of love. Chills: Mental contraction, pulling away and in. Desire to retreat. Cholesterol: Clogging the channels of joy. Fear of accepting joy. Circulation: Represents the ability to feel and express the emotions in positive ways. Colds: Too much going on at once. Mental confusion, disorder. Small hurts. Colic: Mental irritation, impatience, annoyance in the surroundings. Colitis: Insecurity. Represents the ease of letting go of that which is over. Coma: Fear. Escaping something or someone. Conjunctivitis: Anger and frustration at what you are looking at in life. Constipation: Incomplete releasing. Holding on to garbage of the past. Guilt over the past. Sometimes stinginess. Corns: Hardened areas of thought – stubborn holding on to the pain of the past. Coughs: A desire to bark at the world. “Listen to me!” Cramps: Tension. Fear. Gripping, holding on. Crohn’s Disease: Fear. Worry. Not feeling good enough. Crying: Tears are the river of life, shed in joy as well as in sadness and fear. Cuts: Punishment for not following your own rules. Cysts: Running the old painful movie. Nursing hurts. A false growth. Cystic Fibrosis: A thick belief that life won’t work for you. “Poor me.” D Deafness: Rejection, stubbornness, isolation. What don’t you want to hear? “Don’t bother me.” Depression: Anger you feel you do not have a right to have. Hopelessness. Diabetes: Longing for what might have been. A great need to control. Deep sorrow. No sweetness left. Diarrhea: Fear. Rejection. Running off. Dizziness: Flighty, scattered thinking. A refusal to look. Dry eyes: Angry eyes. Refusing to see with love. Would rather die than forgive. Being spiteful. Dysmenorrhea: Anger at the self. Hatred of the body or of women. E Ear: Represents the capacity to hear. – Ache: Anger. Not wanting to hear. Too much turmoil. Household arguing. Eczema: Breath-taking antagonism. Mental eruptions. Edema: What or who won’t you let go of? Elbow: Represents changing directions and accepting new experiences. Emphysema: Fear of taking in life. Not worthy of living. Endometriosis: Insecurity, disappointment and frustration. Replacing self-love with sugar. Blamers. Epilepsy: Sense of persecution. Rejection of life. A feeling of great struggle. Self-violence. Epstein-Barr Virus: Pushing beyond one’s limits. Fear of not being good enough. Draining all inner support. Stress. Eye: Represents the capacity to see clearly past, present, future. – Astigmatism: “I” trouble. Fear of really seeing the self. – Hyperopia: Fear of the present. – Myopia: Fear of the future. F Face: Represents what we show the world. Fainting: Fear. Can’t cope. Blacking out. Fat or Weight issues: Oversensitivity. Often represents fear and shows a need for protection. Fear may be a cover for hidden anger and a resistance to forgive. Running away from feelings. Insecurity, self-rejection and seeking fulfillment. – Arms: Anger at being denied love. – Belly: Anger at being denied nourishment. – Hips: Lumps of stubborn anger at the parents. – Thighs: Packed childhood anger. Often rage at the father. Fatigue: Resistance, boredom. Lack of love for what one does. Feet: Represent our understanding – of ourselves, of life, of others. – Foot Problems: Fear of the future and of not stepping forward in life. Fever: Anger. Burning up. Fibroid Tumors: Nursing a hurt from a partner. A blow to the feminine ego. Fingers: Represent the details of life. – Thumb: Represents intellect and worry. – Index: Represents ego and fear. – Middle: Represents anger and sexuality. – Ring: Represents unions and grief. – Little: Represents the family and pretending. Food Poisoning: Allowing others to take control. Feeling defenseless. Frigidity: Fear. Denial of pleasure. A belief that sex is bad. Insensitive partners. Fear of father. Fungus: Stagnating beliefs. Refusing to release the past. Letting the past rule today. G Gallstones: Bitterness. Hard thoughts. Condemning. Pride. Gas: Gripping. Fear. Undigested ideas. Gastritis: Prolonged uncertainty. A feeling of doom. Genitals: Represent the masculine and feminine principles. Worry about not being good enough. Gland Problems: Represent holding stations. Self-staring activity. Holding yourself back. Gout: The need to dominate. Impatience, anger. Glaucoma: Stony unforgiveness. Pressure from longstanding hurts. Overwhelmed by it all. Gray Hair: Stress. A belief in pressure and strain. Growths: Nursing those old hurts. Building resentments. Gum Problems: Inability to back up decisions. Indecisive about life. H Hands: Hold and handle. Clutch and grip. Grasping and letting go. Caressing. Pinching. All ways of dealing with experiences. Hay Fever: Emotional congestion. Fear of the calendar. A belief in persecution. Guilt. Headaches: Invalidating the self. Self-criticism. Fear. Heart: Represents the center of love and security. – Heart Attack: Squeezing all the joy out of the heart in favor of money or position. Feeling alone and scared. “I’m not good enough. I don’t do enough. I’ll never make it.” – Heart Problems: Longstanding emotional problems. Lack of joy. Hardening of the heart. Belief in strain and stress. Heartburn: Fear. Fear. Fear. Clutching Fear. Hemorrhoids: Fear of deadlines. Anger of the past. Afraid to let go. Feeling burdened. Hepatitis: Resistance to change. Fear, anger, hatred. Liver is the seat of anger and rage. Hernia: Ruptured relationships. Strain, burdens, incorrect creative expression. Herpes Genitalis: Mass belief in sexual guilt and the need for punishment. Public shame. Belief in a punishing God. Rejection of the genitals. Herpes Simplex: Bitter words left unspoken. Hip: Carries the body in perfect balance. Major thrust in moving forward. Fear of going forward in major decisions. Nothing to move forward to. Hives: Small, hidden fears. Mountains out of molehills. Hodgkin’s Disease: Blame and a tremendous fear of not being good enough. A frantic race to prove one’s self until the blood has no substance left to support itself. The joy of life is forgotten in the race of acceptance. Hyperactivity: Fear. Feeling pressured and frantic. Hyperventilation: Fear. Resisting change. Not trusting the process. Hypoglycemia: Overwhelmed by the burdens in life. I Impotence: Sexual pressure, tension, guilt. Social beliefs. Spite against a previous mate. Fear of mother. Incontinence: Emotional overflow. Years of controlling emotions. Indigestion: Gut-level fear, dread, anxiety. Griping and grunting. Infection: Irritation, anger, annoyance. Inflammation: Fear. Seeing red. Inflamed thinking. Anger and frustration about conditions you are looking at in your life. Influenza: Response to mass negativity and beliefs. Fear. Belief in statistics. Ingrown Toenail: Worry and guilt about your right to move forward. Injuries: Anger at the self. Feeling guilty. Insanity: Fleeing from the family. Escapism, withdrawal. Violent separation from life. Insomnia: Fear. Not trusting the process of life. Guilt. Intestines: Represent assimilation and absorption. Itching: Desires that go against the grain. Unsatisfied. Remorse. Itching to get out or get away. J Jaundice: Internal and external prejudice. Unbalanced reason. Jaw Problems: Anger. Resentment. Desire for revenge. K Kidney Problems: Criticism, disappointment, failure. Shame. Reacting like a child. Kidney Stones: Lumps of undissolved anger. Knee: Represents pride and ego. Stubborn ego and pride. Inability to bend. Fear. Inflexibility. Won’t give in. L Laryngitis: So mad you can’t speak. Fear of speaking up. Resentment of authority. Left Side of Body: Represents receptivity, taking in, feminine energy, women, the mother. Leg: Carry us forward in life. Liver: Seat of anger and primitive emotions. Chronic complaining. Justifying fault-finding to deceive yourself. Feeling bad. Lockjaw: Anger. A desire to control. A refusal to express feelings. Lump in the Throat: Fear. Not trusting the process of life. Lung: The ability to take in life. Depression. Grief. Not feeling worthy of living life fully. Lupus: A giving up. Better to die than stand up for one’s self. Anger and punishment. Lymph Problems: A warning that the mind needs to be recentered on the essentials of life. Love and joy. M Malaria: Out of balance with nature and with life. Menopause Problems: Fear of no longer being wanted. Fear of aging. Self-rejection. Not feeling good enough. Menstrual Problems: Rejection of one’s femininity. Guilt, fear. Belief that the genitals are sinful or dirty. Migraine Headaches: Dislike of being driven. Resisting the flow of life. Sexual fears. Miscarriage: Fear of the future. Inappropriate timing. Mononucleosis: Anger at not receiving love and appreciation. No longer caring for the self. Motion Sickness: Fear. Bondage. Feeling of being trapped. Mouth: Represents taking in of new ideas and nourishment. Set opinions. Closed mind. Incapacity to take in new ideas. Multiple Sclerosis: Mental hardness, hard-heartedness, iron will, inflexibility. Muscles: Resistance to new experiences. Muscles represent our ability to move in life. Muscular Dystrophy: “It’s not worth growing up.” N Nails: Represent protection. – Nail Biting: Frustration. Eating away at the self. Spite of a parent. Narcolepsy: Can’t cope. Extreme fear. Wanting to get away from it all. Not wanting to be here. Nausea: Fear. Rejecting an idea or experience. Neck: Represents flexibility. The ability to see what’s back there. Refusing to see other sides of a question. Stubbornness, inflexibility. Unbending stubbornness. Nephritis: Overreaction to disappointment and failure. Nerves: Represent communication. Receptive reporters. Nervous Breakdown: Self-centeredness. Jamming the channels of communication. Nervousness: Fear, anxiety, struggle, rushing. Not trusting the process of life. Neuralgia: Punishment for guilt. Anguish over communication. Nodules: Resentment and frustration and hurt ego over career. Nose: Represents self-recognition. – Nose Bleeds:A need for recognition. Feeling unnoticed. Crying for love. – Runny Nose: Asking for help. Inner crying. – Stuffy Nose: Not recognising the self-worth. Numbness: Withholding love and consideration. Going dead mentally. O Osteomyelitis: Anger and frustration at the very structure of life. Feeling unsupported. Osteoporosis: Feeling there is no support left in life. Mental pressures and tightness. Muscles can’t stretch. Loss of mental mobility. Ovaries: Represent points of creation. Creativity. PQ Pain: Guilt. Guilt always seeks punishment. Paralysis: Paralysing thoughts. Getting stuck. Terror leading to escape from a situation or person. Pancreas: Represents the sweetness of life. Pancreatitis: Rejection. Anger and frustration because life seems to have lost its sweetness. Parasites: Giving power to others, letting them take over and life off of you. Parkinson’s Disease: Fear and an intense desire to control everything and everyone. Peptic Ulcer: Fear. A belief that you are not good enough. Anxious to please. Phlebitis: Anger and frustration. Blaming others for the limitation and lack of joy in life. Pimples: Small outbursts of anger. Pituitary Gland: Represents the control center. Pneumonia: Desperate. Tired of life. Emotional wounds that are not allowed to heal. Poison Ivy: Allergy Feeling defenseless and open to attack. Polio: Paralysing jealousy. A desire to stop someone. Premenstrual Syndrome: Allowing confusion to reign. Giving power to outside influences. Rejection of the feminine processes. Prostate: Represents the masculine principle. Mental fears weaken the masculinity. Giving up. Sexual pressure and guilt. Belief in aging. Psoriasis: Fear of being hurt. Deadening the senses of the self. Refusing to accept responsibility for our own feelings. R Rash: Irritation over delays. Immature way to get attention. Right Side of Body: Giving out, letting go, masculine energy, men, the father. Ringworm: Allowing others to get under your skin. Not feeling good enough or clean enough. S Scabies: Infected thinking. Allowing others to get under your skin. Sciatica: Being hypocritical. Fear of money and of the future. Scleroderma: Protecting the self from life. Not trusting yourself to be there and to take care of yourself. Scratches: Feeling life tears at you, that life is a rip off. Senility: Returning to the so-called safety of childhood. Demanding care and attention. A form of control of those around you. Escapism. Shin: Represents the standards of life. Breaking down ideals. Shingles: Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Fear and tension. Too sensitive. Sinus Problems: Irritation to one person, someone close. Skin: Protects our individuality. Anxiety, fear. Old, buried things. I am being threatened. Slipped Disc: Feeling totally unsupported by life. Indecisive. Snoring: Stubborn refusal to let go of old patterns. Solar Plexus: Gut reactions. Center of our intuitive power. Sores: Unexpressed anger that settles in. Spleen: Obsessions. Being obsessed about things. Sprains: Anger and resistance. Not wanting to move in a certain direction in life. Sterility: Fear and resistance to the process of life or not needing to go through the parenting experience. Stiffness: Rigid, stiff thinking. Stomach: Holds nourishment. Digests ideas. Dread. Fear of the new. Inability to assimilate the new. Stroke: Giving up. Resistance. Rather die than change. Rejection of life.

Stuttering: Insecurity. Lack of self-expression. Not being allowed to cry. Sty: Looking at life through angry eyes. Angry at someone. Suicidal thoughts: See life only in black and white. Refusal to see another way out. T Teeth: Represent decisions. – Teeth Problems: Longstanding indecisiveness. Inability to break down ideas for analysis and decisions. – Root Canal: Can’t bite into anything anymore. Root beliefs being destroyed. – Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Not giving yourself mental space to create a firm foundation. Throat: Avenue of expression. Channel of creativity. – Throat Problems: The inability to speak up for one’s self. Swallowed anger. Stifled creativity. Refusal to change. – Sore throat: Holding in angry words. Feeling unable to express the self. Thrush: Anger over making the wrong decisions. Thymus Gland: Feeling attacked by life. They are out to get me. Thyroid Gland: Humiliation. I never get to do what I want to do. When is it going to be my turn. – Hyperthyroid: Rage at being left out. Tics, Twitches: Fear. A feeling of being watched by others. Tinnitus or Ringing in the Ears: Refusal to listen. Not hearing the inner voice. Stubbornness. Toes: Represent the minor details of the future. Tongue: Represents the ability to taste the pleasures of life with joy. Tonsillitis: Fear. Repressed emotions. Stifled creativity. Tuberculosis: Wasting away from selfishness. Possessive. Cruel thoughts. Revenge. U Urinary infections: Pissed off, usually at the opposite sex or a lover. Blaming others. Uterus: Represents the home of creativity. V Vaginitis: Anger at a mate. Sexual guilt. Punishing the self. Varicose Veins: Standing in a situation you hate. Discouragement. Feeling over-worked and overburdened. Vitiligo: Feeling completely outside of things. Not belonging. Not one of the group. Vomiting: Violent rejection of ideas. Fear of the new. WXYZ Warts: Little expressions of hate. Belief in ugliness. – Plantar Warts: Anger at the very basis of your understanding. Spreading frustration about the future. Wrist: Represents movement and ease.

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