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December Book, Blessings & Mediation Recommendations

The most successful people in each industry will talk of the power of reading. That's why we dedicate time everyday to reading. As a team we also watch and listen to material that raises our vibrations. "Your Income will seldom exceed your personal development!" ~ Jim Rohn The reason why we recommend books is because there is material within the books that will make it easier for you to participate in the workshop part. HOWEVER, we know that some of you prefer Audio Versions, so we've included the ones with bonuses!!! Anthony Robbins is one of the greatest inspirations to us here at RSY partly because the real development began in 2010 with Tony's Awaken The Giant Within. A recent exploratio

Understanding Symptoms from a Spiritual Perspective...

So by now we have probably established that I like to use what is available naturally, rather than pharmaceutical produce. So when looking for remedies I look for holistic and homeopathic remedies. But before I begin making my concoctions, I use a few different references to get me on the way... I believe the only place we can receive a cure is where our beliefs lay, NOT where someone tells you.. My first is: Louise Hay's You Can heal Your Life Below is the symptom list from the book, which gives simple and to the point explanations. I highly recommend buying the book, so that you can understand the full context of what Louise is talking about. Just an FYI: there may be some occasions where

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