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What would happen if you knew how great you are?

There are times when knowing our truth is serving us and times when not knowing it, is serving us too! It sounds crazy, but the truth is, if you read this with an understanding, kindness and compassion for yourself, you'll find it easier to see into the depths of why it's serving you to know or not know, depending on where you are.

There are often times where we limit ourselves as a way of fitting in. We may have experienced a time in our lives, where we began to stretch out of our comfort zones, and it made other people uncomfortable, so we curled back in, only to watch those very people expand and grow in their own right. We never truly know why someone reacts to things the way they do, but one thing that's important to know, understand and remember, is that when someone reacts, it is not a reflection of you, but simply a reflection of who they are, in relation to you.

When they are telling you about you, it's important to recognise, that when there is a pointing finger, there are more fingers pointing back at themselves. This would be a good time to go into your minds eye and imagine a cloak of protection coming over you, and allowing that cloak to bounce all their projections off of you! And for you to know that this isn't about how bad, unworthy, unintelligent, worthless, wrong, disappointing you are, but who they are in relation to you!! I know that for some of you that might be a challenge to digest, but I want you to park that challenge for a moment and sit with this:

What if you knew right now how great you are? What would happen if you truly stepped into that greatness? What might be in the way of you truly knowing that?

Would you be willing to let it all go? Would you be willing to be free from your past limitations and sufferings to give yourself the best possible outcome of living a life that you love, rather than a life that is being served to you?

I ask you the same questions that over time I asked myself. I sat with these questions and journaled away at what I felt was taking place for me. Sometimes, words were streaming from experiences and what felt like lifetimes that I had no clue about myself. Other times, it felt as if my imagination was running wild, but there was a connection to an experience that I couldn't even recall as mine, but I could feel it as strong as if it had taken place yesterday. These explorations took me into deeper healings, with more profound learnings and subsequently monumental energetic shifts, for me to living a life which was aligned to and with my desires, rather than the life that felt was being served to me.

I often say to those that I work with, "I don't say any of this is easy, I say what is needed to be done is simple". The task is simple, permit yourself to let go of the limitations and what's truly holding you back... What comes up in that process may challenge you, it may knock you down and sometimes even take you back a few notches. It can feel like the ultimate strain, but I once you've broken through that glitch in your subconscious programming, everything as you know it changes and the way you relate to people and things, completely and utterly changes.

So with a glimpse into what is possible, I would like to ask you again:

What would happen if you knew how great you are?

With much love & gratitude, Katerina


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