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The continued Awakening

I knew I had to get out of London, the intention was to go to Thailand for 3 weeks, with so much going on it fell so far away. It also felt like, everything I had planned to do, kept on falling through! Urgh, you know that feeling of being sick & tired of being sick & tired… I was there, right there! Then an inspired thought came to my mind, a conversation I had had with a friend about the retreat in Scotland called Lendrick Lodge! She never said what she did there, only that every time she went she felt phenomenal and the experiences were out of this world! Immediately I knew that this was where I had to be. So, I took to my friend Google, started researching Ledrick Lodge and what retreats were happening. The first one that was available was taking place on November 11th and was named “Light of Healing Retreat” I didn’t know what that meant, I just knew that’s what I wanted to be immersed in it! I wanted to be healed and I knew that this was where it was going to start! So I phoned up to make my booking for my partner and I; to my delight phone was answered by tender Scottish voice (my favourite accident in the world), a lightness came over me and asked if I could book for the “light of healing retreat”. He promptly replied saying “you are one lucky girl, there are only two spaces left”! Of course... there was only two left, they were waiting for us to fill them! I told him to book us in, and that I would see him next month. The lead up to this retreat was nothing short of exciting,we had no clue what we would be attending, it just had the word retreat in it. We packed swimming suits and chill out clothes preparing for bliss.

9th of November, we land in sunny Glasgow, we arranged to meet some great friends in our business, as we were waiting to meet with them, we began to explore the city, we were falling in love; for me, this was a deeper love, as I had been at the beginning of the year. There was an essence of feeling like being at home. Two days flew by and journey to the Lodge began. We were so excited, we were like two kids in a candy store. A train to Stirling, a bus to Callandar and a taxi to the lodge; arriving in Callendar felt like we had stepped into a cartoon. Cute little boutique shops, no 4G just GPRS and the only Wi-Fi we could connect to, was that of the hotel we were standing next to! “Where have you bought me to?” he asked, “I don’t know, but it’s amazing isn’t it!” Cross-armed and freezing cold, his expression told me that he did not feel the same! Nevertheless, I was in love with the fresh air and the stunning trees that I simply didn’t care. The skin on my face, although freezing cold, felt like it was being gently kissed. In that moment, I had completely surrendered.

The taxi dropped us off inside the Lodge, we stepped out and immediately felt like we had stepped into a bubble. There are no words to truly describe this weekend, I will do my best; it was life changing, euphoric, unforgettable and every moment was imprinted on my heart.

We were given separate beds, and we were slightly shocked, as up until this point we had been together for seven years and had always shared our bed, everywhere we stayed; but as we booked late, we were ok with what we got; they emphasised that this was part of the healing process, and suddenly this was something that my soul felt comfortable with. We made our way back downstairs as others began to arrive. I knew that one of my friends through our business was also going to be there that weekend, she hadn’t let off what we could expect, other than that it would be amazing. Before the evening session began, we sat down to the most amazing vegetarian or vegan dinner. By this point I was Vegan, so that’s what it was for me. We promptly ate and then made our way into the meditation room. This was the moment that we were introduced to shamanism and it was of no surprise to us that this was taking place on the 11th day of the 11th month (11:11)!!!

Having worked with different healing modalities in the past, the concepts were not hard to comprehend, it just felt like everything was about to be accelerated. An introduction began and then we stepped into a meditation, we soon felt like we were on cloud nine and although this retreat may not include a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi or a steam room we were on the very retreat that we needed to be.

To be continued…

With Love, Katerina

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