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Really. Simply. You. is a concept, a way of living and a space that brings a combination of holistic approaches together in one place.  Katerina & Jay, the founders of this concept are  Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioners, along with Katerina being a ThetaHealing® Instructor, they both offer packaged or 1:1 sessions.

Hi, I'm Katerina, you may have heard some of my energy clearings on our YouTube Channel, experienced one of our workshops, facebook group or you've never met or experienced me at all. 

Either way, thanks for stopping by! As you go through our Website, I would like to invite you to join in on an experience with me, you can do this through our YouTube Channel, you can join one of our free Monthly Energy Clearings, paid for weekly energy clearings or one of my workshops or classes. I am focused on enabling you to know the perfection that you already are, knowing the love that you have available to you and fundamentally, teach you through the energy of unconditional love. I hold the space for you to speak your truth, to enable you to heal whatever challenges have arisen in your physical experience.

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One TO One's

Address limiting beliefs and release them with Katerina or Jay, using the ThetaHealing Technique, For which you can now book in to find out more and book in here:

Vibe Tribe

Join our monthly subscription group and receive weekly energy clearings, angel guidance, downloads & more


We are developing our website to bring you all of our energy clearings in one place. But for now, come and join us on our free mindfulness group




Events,Full & New Moon Rituals

Join in one of our workshops or one of our New or Full Moon Energy Clearing Rituals, or come along to one of our Monthly Free Workshops.

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Are you ready to heal your business into growth? Are you ready to see yourself as a winner! Then this workshop is for you!


It's easy to get caught up in the results that others are having when your business isn't striving in the way you planned...  


A lot of the time, this is because of our subconscious beliefs, which are often rather limiting. This workshop is designed to take you and your business out of it's funk and into the truth that inspired you to create it. All the negative beliefs that you have created around your business, including fears, is exactly the reason your business is not moving in the direction you want it to! How do I know?  I have been there and taken my clients through this very clearing, which has delivered results in mine & their businesses and subsequently improved our lives!  


📉 Have you noticed a decline in your sales and growth of your business? 

📉 Or has your business hit a ceiling?  

📉 Have you been following strategies and tactics that are making little to no difference? 

📉 Have customers not been showing up?  

📉 Have you done everything you possibly can to get more sales and drive business, but nothing is getting any better?  


Did you know that you can be experiencing any of these because of deep routed, limiting beliefs that could belong to your ancestors and those in your genetic line? Do you know that you can release the lock of those beliefs and live in alignment with your true potential?


😁 Are you ready for your business to go to the next level, utilitising what you've created and know that it doesn't need any more strategies? 

😁 Are you ready to employ your business to work for you & bring your staff, empoylees, prospective partners along with?


😁 Do you want to be feeling better about you and your business and create harmony between the two? 


😁 Change your connection to and with money and have money work for you?


 It doesn't matter what industry you are in, if this has resonated with you, then this workshop is for you! 


Last years event transformed the businesses of all of those who attended, so the only question that remains is, can you afford to miss this years Heal Your Business Into Growth?

For payment plans, please get in touch directly with us, for us to arrange this for you!


Are you ready to heal your business into growth? Are you ready to see yourself as a winner! The join the program now!!


This is Katerina, she is a powerful healer, and a ThetaHealing Instructor,  who psychically feels and knows through her connection to the divine. Katerina creates a space for you to heal completely, enabling you to release your own judgements of yourself, and supporting you to release limiting beliefs and exchange them for empowering ones. Katerina Loves working with people who are serious and committed to their change. Katerina does not have a fixed rate for healings, and her sessions begin from £350. 

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  • Healing your Business into Growth & Retain Success  -- Webinar Series.
    25 Jun 2022, 07:00 – 13:30
    Online only
    Are you ready to heal your business into growth? Are you ready to see yourself as a winner! Then this workshop is for you!