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Images of children receiving from Nourish the children.

Give & Receive all under One Program

Our program of giving back, nourishes & educates Malnourished Children in 3rd world countries. 

All donations in Europe contribute to Malawi, Africa which is also the focus of this page and most recently in Syria.

We are in search of monthly contributors, Ambassadors & Fundraisers

The Program

Feeding & educating Malnourished Children, through donating a scientifically developed porridge, VitaMeal, to give malnourished children the vitamins & minerals they need. The porridge is distributed in schools so that the children are also being educated. This then has an impact on the poverty cycle. This is a for profit initiative which is supported by a charity called Feed The Children,  which takes care of the distribution of the VitaMeals. This means that 100% of your money goes into making the porridge! 

Breaking Poverty Cycle
Every 6 Seconds a Child dies from Malnutrition. We can help stop it together

What is VitaMeal

 VitaMeal is specially formulated for malnourished children or family use; produced by Nu Skin® - a company with extensive experience in nutrition. Working with an expert in child malnutrition in third-world countries, Nu Skin® developed VitaMeal, which is vegetarian and non-dairy and allows for the easy addition of ingredients to fit every taste and culture. Each VitaMeal package contains 30 child-sized meals, or enough food to provide a child with one nutritious meal each day for a month.
VitaMeal provides:
   A balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat and fibre
   Essential fatty acids required for normal brain development, skin health and immune defence
   Electrolytes necessary for maintaining normal fluid balance and muscle function
   25 essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A for normal sight and immune functions as
   well as nutrients for normal growth and skeletal development

For those who choose to donate on a monthly basis, we can show you how to make your donations work for you. As a reward for giving, you are given loyalty reward points, the same way you would get a Starbucks, only here, we give you more & your products are for skin care, health & wellness, so you can glow in your giving. 

You purchase the porridge & Feed The Children take care of everything else for you.

You can either contact us to find out more, or follow the process below to start donating, just make sure you tick ADR (Loyalty Program) in the checkout so that we can show you how to get free products.
Vitameals being made

“Every single working day I wake up at home and travel for about 35 kilometres to get to my work place,” she says. “[I do it] for the single reason of contributing towards creating a world where no child goes to bed hungry.” Edith Kafuwa, the warehouse supervisor, Feed the Children Malawi, Africa

Children receiving Vitameal
Children receiving Vitameal
Children receiving Vitameal

To Donate one off bags please select which is best for you through the options below.

Your support will help us to further our mission and reach more people who need it! Thank you for your contribution! 

Work With Us

Children receiving Vitameal
Children receiving Vitameal
Steven Lund, founder of Nourish the children

We are looking for monthly contributors, donations & people to join our team and become ambassadors for this cause. If you're an entrepreneur, involved in online marketing or internet marketing, we can also help you to earn an income from this initiative too, so to find out more and be connected with a business coach, fill in the form below.

The Program
What is VitaMeal
How to Donate
Work With us

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