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Nov 13, 2023 - Feb 5, 2024

Vibe’ing into results

  • 85Days
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Ready to Vibe into results? Are you done thinking your way to the reality you desire, with not being any closer to the outcome? Then Vibe’ing into results is the space for you 🫶🏽 What’s included: Thinking into Results by Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher: “The Thinking Into Results Program guides you through a powerful 12 lesson process for creating your new, desired results. Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson. It is important to periodically review the program in its entirety for constant reinforcement of the ideas. It is through the repetition of the lessons that you will experience permanent changes.” 🫶🏽 We will watch the video of the week together, after the video is complete, we will do an energy clearing and facilitation on anything that comes up for the group. 🫶🏽 You will have home play to do each week which will include listening to the replay daily. Along with being guided through what will create the best outcome ~ whether you want more money, greater health, improved relationships, advanced careers whatever you’re working on right now! 🫶🏽 You will be required to go deeper than you’ve ever gone before, with a lot less drama, trauma, grief and sadness. 🫶🏽 You will have a 30 minute personal call every fortnight. 🫶🏽 You will have on going support & access to the group content for at least 9 months so that you can replay the program once it’s completed! Take the leap into living what is truly intended for you 💃🏻

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Vibe’ing into Results 2023

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