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Untangling Lies & Disconnecting from Darkness

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Are you feeling like you’re asking & asking the universe/god/creator to bring you more of what you would like; the ease, the money, the joy etc… and it’s not showing up?😮‍💨🥺 Do you find that you’re doing the inner work, showing up with inspired action, being “positive”, writing gratitudes, doing the energy work you see the signs AND STILL nothing is showing up?😮‍💨 😳 We are often doing things with great intentions, but that doesn’t always align with where it is meant to be going to. There are energies DELIBERATELY in the way of you having what you would like and I would like to invite YOU to untangle yourself from them!🫶🏽 🔱 Knowing the difference between where you are connecting into, when you connect to the divine. 🔱 Untangling your energy from darkness & connecting it in to the TRUE divine energy. 🔱 Breaking Free from : ⚜️Ancestral Curses, ⚜️Layers of programming ⚜️Removing bonds from contracts you have signed into. 🔱 Reclaiming your true knowledge, awareness, power, sovereignty with the power of divine unconditional love. 🔱Being in the energy of Divine and living with that as your TRUTH. 🔱 Know what your truth is & what it means to be you. ❤️ You will have access to the full replay alongside a clearing loop for you to replay at anytime especially in between sessions.

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