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Dear 2023 Replay

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You may have been one of many who has found that 2022 has been a year that has brought us a lot of soul and heart healing, which may have created difficulty and pain along the way. It's time for that to be healed. 2023 in numerology terms is the number 7, which is set with the energy of depth and wisdom, a space where the simple explanations will no longer suffice. A space of finding or exploring our purpose; asking questions, exploring, researching, learning , and sensing are all key skills the 7 uses in its search for awareness. Whilst the positives of the seven are magnificent and bring us to great growth, we can also lose sight of the importance of the social aspects of life during this time and become more introverted, suspicious and digging for answers in unnecessary places. This workshop will help bring to have balance with that as you come more to living in alignment with your purpose. The previous year workshops have focused on clearing limitations and setting intentions; this year we will go slightly deeper to enable you to heal from this year and prepare you for this upcoming year of depth and wisdom, and uncover what you have been learning this year, what you can be learning or developing in 2023, where your focus needs to be to help your expansion, what you can do to help yourself along the way as you align to your true abilities and the anchors of balance that can help you through, should you find yourself in the limiting qualities of the number 7.

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